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Business environment 

Business environmental overview March 18

  • Alignment to the applicable outcomes of national and local Governmental initiatives.
  • The State of the Nation address by President Ramaphosa (SONA) indicated that at the centre of the national agenda in 2018 will be the creation of jobs, especially for the youth.
  • To move forward with the localization programme and to designate products such as textiles, clothing, furniture and rail rolling stock for local procurement
  • Youth Employment Service initiative in March 2018 to place young persons in paid internships with a target of 1 million internships over the next three years
  • To build a small business support ecosystem and to continue with at least a 30% set aside of public procurement for SMME’s, cooperatives, township and rural enterprises
  • To enhance support for destination marketing in key tourism markets
  • Participation in the National Skills Summit to achieve the national objectives
  • Business should be expected to clearly identify those issues that they require to make it easier to increase employment. Similarly, Labour should identify what they require to save jobs and prevent attrition of employment, especially in labour intensive sectors. Community should identify the practical initiatives that could assist in increasing labour force participation.
  • This requires :
  • identifying business opportunities for employment intensive business expansion at the sub-sector level;
  • an understanding of the challenges faced by each social partner at granular level and finding solutions to unlock the bottlenecks identified in job creation;
  • assigning roles and responsibilities to the various actors identified in that challenge.
  • to improving coordination amongst government, business, labour and community constituencies
  • Eden District Skills and Investment Summit outcomes.
    • Work closely with George Municipality LED in ensuring effective and appropriate involvement and implementation of summit outcomes to the benefit of the business community of George
  • Understanding and acting upon national and regional issues and concerns affecting the inclusive business community of George.
    • Driving towards an inclusive economy for George we see our role as building a unified business community across the geographical area of George thereby not excluding any sector of business in George.
  • Working with the outcomes of interactions with our affiliates and facilitating their direct business concerns and opportunities either directly through the Chamber, appropriate Affiliates, Business Bodies, Local and National Bodies.
  • To encourage (be an activist for) increased local Corporates, Local and National Governmental spending in the George economy.
  • We acknowledge the role of business in the participation of Social Economic events and challenges. Our contribution in this sphere will be the facilitation and introduction of relevant parties to each other for actioning and implementation by them.
  • We acknowledge the importance of fair and equitable land ownership for all citizens of South Africa. The effective dealing with the land redistribution agenda as approved by Parliament is critical for the country and we need to understand the “principals and rules” of implementation as indicated in Section 25 of the Constitution of South Africa and/ or the future ruling of the  Constitutional Court of South Africa in this regard.
    • The “”principals and rules” above have specific reference to the statement of Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa… “expropriation of land without compensation and the redistribution thereof would be done in a manner that protect jobs, agricultural production and the economy.”

Business Focus 2018 to unlock business opportunities

Business initiatives for 2018

  • Building effective business networks to facilitate business opportunities with
    • Agriculture
    • Import Export organisations
    • Hospitality and Tourism
  • SME Development and growth through
    • Local procurement practices
    • BBBEE optimisation and certification
    • Skills Development and Corporate Social Investment initiatives
  • Key stakeholders in unlocking business opportunities are
    • Busa, SACCI, SBI, Grow SA, AHI WC,
    • Corporates Nationally and locally,
    • Local and District authorities


Business training for 2018 based on the required business focus competencies

  • Business regulatory environment
  • Business funding
    • Business plan development
    • Business financial management
  • Marketing
    • Marketing plan
    • Digital and media marketing
  • Most critical skills required
    • Problem solving
    • Interpersonal
    • Communication
    • Customer care
    • Time management
    • People management
    • Team work


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