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Please see below for a number of resources such as videos and links to COVID-19 guides and toolkits for both business and on a personal level to help you through the lockdown period.

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The Tourism Recovery Programme is a training, mentoring and financial support program designed for travel & tourism entrepreneurs in Egypt, Mexico, South Africa, and Kenya to build resilient, sustainable tourism businesses and take steps towards recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The following document contains a summary of the COVID-19 testing requirements for travelers to countries in Africa

Summary of traveler COVID-19 testing requirements

We have worked closely with the Western Cape Department of Health to prepare Covid-19 health guidelines for business. These guidelines not only provide information on how businesses can prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace, but also what to do if an employee displays symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19. The guidelines can be found on our Covid-19 website>>

These guidelines include information on, for example:

  • How to perform a risk assessment of a work site
  • How to perform an employee risk assessment and work procedure plan
  • Advice on training of employees
  • Advice on the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE)

We have produced a range of information material for employers and their staff to utilise in the workplace such as posters, checklists and decals, that remind people of health guidelines to stop the spread of Covid-19. These can also be downloaded on the Covid-19 website:

Finally, to assist businesses to procure the necessary PPE required to protect employees, together with the City of Cape Town and Wesgro, and in partnership with FNB/RMB, we have today launched a dedicated online PPE marketplace that provides a single place for small and large PPE manufacturers to promote their product ranges, and for businesses to secure masks and other PPE. The PPE marketplace can be found at

Our Western Cape Department of Health and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism are also available to provide support to businesses where needed  to help stop the spread of Covid-19 in businesses.

And, as always, our dedicated Covid-19 Content Centre team is available to provide support and advice on the Alert Level 4 restrictions and how these might affect your business. You can email or visit for more information.

To avoid a return to a hard lockdown, it is imperative that every business that is operating now, or which opens under the Alert Level restrictions, plays by the rules, and implements the necessary health and safety measures as instructed by national government to avoid further negative impacts on their respective sector.

We are committed to supporting business in the Western Cape through this crisis.


For your convenience and ease of reference, please see the link for guidelines as to how to submit your application.

Click below to access a document published by the UIF and the Department of Employment and Labour that covers all the frequently asked questions about COVID – 19.

Download FAQ’s


These “tips and tricks”  are to assist you through the emotionally, psychologically & challenging times in which we find ourselves. The worksheet has been provided by Christo van der Westhuizen (Counsellor with the Randburg Counselling Centre).

Download the Resilience Worksheets

Employment and Employability in the New Normal 

It is with thanks to Roshni Gajjar, Managing Director of Strat Astute, that this webinar, with these insightful facts and figures, has been made available to us all.

The discussion topic is vitally important to both Employers and Employees of companies and the information shared is particularly useful during these very challenging times.


The Garden Route Spring

Feedback of activities and positioning from Dr Dennis Farrell, having introspection on where we are, given the COVID19 pandemic and what we need to do now.


Discussion with Hester du Bruyn National Leader of SACBW

Hester du Bruyn the National Leader of South African Council for Business Woman (SACBW) shares her insights with George Business Chamber members on the impact of COVID 19 on SACBW members.

Impact of COVID-19 Tourism Sector-Hospitality

Discussion between Dr Dennis Farrell and Michael Cook (Outeniqua Tourism Association) which highlights the effect that COVID-19 is having on the Tourism sector of our economy and the devastating ripple effect it is having on the supply chain of that industry.

NAVIGATING COVID-19 | Dealing with rental agreements

Rental reprieve during the COVID-19 Lockdown is a high priority for most businesses. During this discussion we share some insights regarding Force Majeure and the Consumer Protection Act related to rental agreements.

Navigating COVID – 19

Discussion by members of George Business Chamber on the Risk based opening of the economy to Level 4 as announced by President Ramaphoza with more specific reference to Skills Development, Real Estate and the Construction Sector.

Apart from being involved on the Economic and Tourism Cluster at Local District Authority level, providing communication on the impact of the pandemic and Lock down some insights are shared as to what has been the main focus of the Chamber Office and what the future holds.

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