About us

George Business Chamber was established in 2002 when the George Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the George Sakekamer amalgamated and became the George Business Chamber. In 2015, the George Business Chamber NPC Southern Cape was formally registered as a Non-Profit Company. The primary purpose of the Chamber is to facilitate the unlocking of business opportunities for all businesses by supporting and developing them through networking events, business incubation / support to ensure sustainable growth. The vision of the George Business Chamber is to promote and cultivate an inclusive economy thereby not excluding any sector of the wider business community of the George area. Our behaviour is focussed on numerous enabling factors. By raising the bar and continuously evolving to a higher level of performance, we strive to achieve a world class organisation. We conduct our business and interactions with associates and affiliates in an ethical manner and take a strong stand against non-ethical behaviour. We endeavour to create and maintain and enabling environment where people and businesses can grow thus contributing to the overall economic growth of our region and ultimately that of the country. We conduct all of our business, and interactions, in a transparent manner and welcome input from our stakeholders in order to uphold our declared stance in all matters.

The George Business Chamber NPC Southern Cape is lead and governed by an affiliate elected Board consisting of 5 board members, 8 Executive committee members, 5 co-opted members and 2 full time employees of which one is the CEO.

The George Business Chamber is proud to have been awarded the Ahi National Award for the best Business Chamber in South Africa in 2014 and 2016 and also achieved 2nd place in 2015. This has been accomplished through the active participation of all affiliates, partners and stakeholders of the George Business Chamber.


Office Hours

Monday-Thursdays: 08h00-16h00

Fridays: 08h00-13h00

Public Holidays: Office Closed

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