Apply for a full-fee bursary offered by JP Morgan. It’s open to ALL entrepreneurs who have been in business a while, who are involved in the Green Economy (preferably manufacturing or processing), and who can commit to 2 programme days plus about 2 hours mentorship-time per month (see full criteria below).

The Business Boost Programme offers them the opportunity to create a shift in their businesses since it is presented by business school endorsed experts who cover all the required elements of making use of Green Economy opportunities or introducing greening into your own business. In addition, group and individual mentorship offers the space for you to apply your learning to the practical realities of your own context.

The programme will be presented in eight modules of two days each, over eight months, starting end of May in the Western and Northern Cape. It will be conveniently hosted at a local venue and if they have to travel from another town, their travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

The benefits of the Business Boost Programme include:

  • Refinement of your business model at hand of Green Economy principles and introduction of new practices “future-proofing” your business.
  • Self-reflection on your role as leader in your own business and creation of a team to implement your business model.
  • Coverage of new ideas and tools in creating entrepreneurial business success for startups and owner-managed businesses.
  • Exposure to leading experts in the key areas needed for creating a successful business in the Green Economy and/or greening of business processes.
  • Time to apply learning between modules, over an eight month period, along with a group of other entrepreneurs participating in the programme.
  • Applied learning to your own business contexts through group and individual mentorship, as well as in exchanging experiences with other participants.
  • Receiving a certificate confirming competencies in applying Green Economy principles and greening of business practices.
  • Free participation in a Business School programme through the JP Morgan sponsorship, which is presented at a conveniently accessible local venue.

To qualify, you need to meet most of the following criteria:

  • Make use (or plan to make use) of a Green Economy opportunity and/or be involved in (or plan) greening of your business processes and/or be a manufacturer.
  • Be a South African citizen or permanent South African resident.
  • Own 35% or more of the business and work full-time in the business.
  • Employ at least one additional person other than yourself.
  • Have an annual turnover of between R200 thousand to R20 million.
  • Have run the business for longer than a year.

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