Mentorship and Incubation

Project Leader: Fuad Choonara   

Following the facilitation and completion of the Entrepreneurial development training, mentorship and incubation gives the opportunity for delegates to be engaged in the mentorship programme which is facilitated by subject matter experts who advise both budding and existing Entrepreneurs on the latest trends in business. These experts can be retired or active, successful and qualified people who have the desire to assist newcomers to the business arena by sharing best practises.

In addition, our mission is to establish an Incubation centre that will support the aspiring Entrepreneurs until they have achieved the competencies that they require to run a successful and sustainable business. In order achieve this, the GBC project team, led by Fuad Choonara, is examining the numerous national and international Incubation Models to ascertain which model will be the most practical and useful Incubation model that will ensure success.

The Chamber is looking to expand the database of mentors to support the ever growing number of aspirant entrepreneurs through the mentoring process as well as through the incubation centre when the latter is established.

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