Entrepreneurial Development (Youth & Women-Focus)

Project leader: Dr Willie Cilliers whjcilliers@ten-sa.biz

The George Business Chamber has a strategic focus on the identification and development of Entrepreneurs. This includes women, young aspiring entrepreneurs and existing start-up businesses. The GBC has been facilitating a series of Entrepreneur Development Programmes in Thembalethu, Uniondale and George where the delegates are guided through a series of “building blocks” that teach them the vital components of running a successful business.

The delegates are exposed to key facets of business including the importance of key partners, product/service identification, customer relationships and services, channels, customer segments, key resources, key activities, cost structures and revenue streams. These workshops are ongoing and are scheduled to continue over the next few years. This skills development intervention is followed by mentorship activities that support the expansion of knowledge and which ultimately increase the probability of success for the entrepreneur.

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