Emergency tariffs and tougher restrictions for George as dam drops to 45%

Emergency tariffs and tougher water restrictions will be effective in George with immediate effect as the town’s main water supply, the Garden Route Dam, dropped to 45% today (2 August 2017. The new Section 2C restrictions limit household consumption to 15 kilolitres per month.

George Municipal Manager Trevor Botha said while Section 2B water restrictions had been in place since June 1, water usage figures had dropped only minimally (from 30 megalitres per day in May and June to 28 megalitres in July) and little rain has fallen. “As the dam has now dropped to 45% the Municipal Drought Management Policy determines that Section 2C restrictions come into effect. We hope emergency tariffs will have the desired effect of reducing consumption,” said Mr Botha.

Households using more than 15 kilolitres a month will be charged extra per kilolitre on an upwards scale for exceeding the monthly quota. Businesses, entertainment industries and other users will be required to reduce consumption by 15%, may be fined and will face additional charges of 1.5 times their tariff. 

The implications of Section 2C restrictions include:

  • Households shall be limited to 15 kilolitres per month (flow reducing devices will be installed where limits are exceeded).
  • Other users, businesses and entertainment industries must reduce consumption by 15% of their average use over the previous six months. This includes commercial car washes and other businesses dependent on municipal water.
  • Large industries must reduce consumption by 10% of their average use over the previous six months.
  • Gardens may only be watered using water cans or buckets, any time of the day.
  • The irrigation/watering of ALL sports fields using municipal water is prohibited.
  • Washing of vehicles with a garden hose is prohibited. Buckets are allowed.
  • Cleaning of any outside surfaces area using a water hose with municipal water is prohibited.
  • Filling up of swimming pools with municipal water is prohibited.
  • Where own water from a borehole or reservoir is used ‘OWN WATER’ signage must be displayed, and officials may ask for proof of such.
  • Emergency tariffs will have the following implications for households:
0-6 kilolitres Free Free
6-12 kilolitres R13,74 per kilolitre R13,74 per kilolitre
12-20 kilolitres R15,82 per kilolitre R17,86 per kilolitre
20-30 kilolitres R18,96 per kilolitre R27,69 per kilolitre
30-50 kilolitres R22,71 per kilolitre R48,44 per kilolitre
50 kilolitres or more R25,96 per kilolitre R96,88 per kilolitre
  • Emergency tariffs for other users (such as schools, old age homes etc) shall be 1.5 times more as per their specific published tariff as per the annual municipal tariffs list.

Please report water leaks, burst pipes and other water-related concerns to our Civil Engineering Department, at  044 801 9262 or after hours at 044 801 6300, as soon as you notice them.

Contraventions of water restrictions can be reported on 044 801 6350. Repeat offenders can expect to pay up to R4 000 per offence, depending on the offence, or be jailed for up to six months if found guilty.

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