Grant Lottering: Guest Speaker at our Business Breakfast 20 Nov 2015

Grant Lottering

Grant Lottering

From death to the top of the Alps…

A remarkable story of survival, recovery and overcoming. Ex-professional Springbok cyclist and Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador, Grant Lottering, inspires audiences to live their lives without limits by taking them on his journey that took him from death to the top of the Alps in less than one year.

Considered by most, to be a story of astounding recovery and incredible courage, Grant now rides annual Im’possible Tours, taking his second chance at life to the limit, and beyond.

In July 2014, only a year after a near-fatal accident where his heart stopped beating, Grant rode the first of his Im’possible Tours entitled ‘From Death to the Top of the Alps in One Year’; defying his medical prognosis, accomplishing the “impossible”, and finishing the race which nearly took his life.

As if this were not already a challenging enough feat, in August 2015, Grant completed his second  Im’possible Tour, ‘Taking a Second Chance at Life to the Limit and Beyond’,  becoming the first South African to complete a solo, non-stop, 418km ultra-endurance cycle through the French Alps in under 24 hours. Grant climbed over 10 alpine mountains with an accumulative height of 9864m in only 19 hours and 31 minutes.

“I do these Im’possible Tours because since I died on 21 July 2013 and miraculously survived, I live my life without limits. I want to inspire audiences to believe we can accomplish levels of success considered to be impossible, if we believe we are possible. We have to have that inner conviction and protect it at all costs from doubt, negativity and limits set by others’ opinions. We have to look to tomorrow, set goals, plan and focus on accomplishing that goal.”


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