Western Cape supplier registration day – 9 September 2014

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George Town Hall


Suppliers interested in registration must please take note of the following:

  1. A valid original Tax Clearance Certificate from the South African Revenue Services (SARS) is required.
  1. WCBD4 “declaration of interest form”, page 7 to be signed in the presence of the Commissioner of Oath and be stamped
  1. WCSD form, page 5, must be completed and stamped by the bank
  1. Copy of ID must be a originally certified copy
  1. Company registration certificate be originally certified
  1. WCBD6.1a &b to be completed in order to claim preference points
  1. Ensure that that all forms are fully completed.

Please be advised that SARS will be issuing tax clearance certificates on site and will also be doing first time registration.

SARS will also do tax returns for SMMEs only – please note this is not for the general public.

The Commissioner of Oaths will be onsite for the certification of copies. SMMEs must please ensure that they bring original certificates and original ID.

Suppliers intending to claim Preference Points, must also note that the BEE certificate must accompany the WCBD6.1, a & b form.

BBB-EE verification agent will be at the venue, for BBB-EE application.

The toolkit with all the relevant forms will be in a later email, however suppliers could visit www.ariba.co.za to SPECIFICALLY download the WCSD REGISTRATION forms ONLY.   We will also bring hard copies of the forms along.

Forms for BEE certificate

Information Letter BBBEE certificate

Final EME Application Form-Version-11WCPG

Forms from SARS

CRA01(a) – Confirmation of Residential or Business Address for Manual Completion – External Form

IT77 – Application for Registration as a Taxpayer or Changing of Registered Particulars Individual – External Form

IT77C – Application for Registration as a Company or Change of Particulars Company – External Form

TCC001 – Application for a Tax Clearance Certificate – External Form

Forms from WCSD


WCBD 6 1 Aug 15 2012

WCSD Form Ver 1 05_27 November 2013

WCSD Registration Form User Guide v 1 04_27 Nov 2013

Forms for Human Settlement

Application Form – Contractor

Application Form – Facilitators

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