Bookings open for Training workshop on 11 SEPT 2014 facilitated by Africa Skills FET College and George Business Chamber

africa-skillsGeorge Business Chamber in association with Africa Skills FET College presents: 


Date:                           11 September 2014

Time:                           08:00 for 08:30 to 13:00

Venue:                         Protea Hotel King George

Cost:                            R300 per person

RSVP booking:

Facilitators:                 Elsie Harmse and Ronnelie Meyer

The successful supervisor needs to be introspective.  In order to maintain perspective it is important to analyse oneself continually.

In this manner, one can identify strengths and weaknesses and use this knowledge to develop and grow.


You will find in most companies / organisations four different levels of employees, namely:

  1. General workers
  3. Middle managers and
  4. Top or executive managers

SUPERVISORS are part of the management team and will often report directly to the middle or top managers.

The SUPERVISOR will therefore be responsible for the general functions of management:

  1. Planning
  2. Organisation
  3. Leading and
  4. Control

The entry level SUPERVISOR will dedicate most of his/her time to ‘leading’ and the top manager will be responsible for ‘organisation’.

Why is supervision so important? Why do we want to equip us with skills to improve our performance?

All too often, employees are promoted to the role of supervisor because of their strong technical expertise. However, an effective supervisory relationship

requires that the supervisor not only be an expert, but that they also accept the enormous responsibility of leadership and/or mentorship.

Poor supervision has an enormous impact and cost for both the individual employee, as well as the organisation as a whole:

Content outcomes:

  • Understanding yourself as an employee in a certain position within the company
  • Identifying your own role in the organisation
  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Using a variety of strategies to deal with potential conflict in a team or group
  • Developing a plan of action to enhance team performance
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