Tips to keep safe this Easter weekend

The Easter long weekend is around the corner, and at least two long weekends that follow. The break is traditionally about spending quality time with family, whether at home or at a holiday destination. This period can however also present a prime opportunity for would-be criminals to take advantage of your empty house while you are away for just a few hours, or for a few days.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your time there are measures you can take to enhance security at your property and your peace of mind.

First, test your alarm to ensure that it is in proper working order. Additional security hardware such as infra-red detectors and beams must be checked as well. When you contact your security company to do these tests, use the opportunity to also confirm that they have your correct contact details – or those of your primary key-holder – so that you can be reached immediately in the event of an alarm activation or incident.

Additional security tips:

  • Before you leave home, always ensure that all doors are properly closed and locked from the inside. All windows must be closed and locked too as they not only provide a potential point of entry for burglars, but on a windy day can result in false alarms.
  • Always arm the alarm system and activate beams when no-one is home and overnight.
  • Ensure that nothing is left in the garden that could be used to gain entry to your home.
  • Lock away in a garage or in the house any valuable gardening tools or equipment such as bicycles or children’s toys.
  • Walk around the perimeter of the property looking out for any weak spots in fencing, anything that could offer easy access into the premises or provide a place for criminals to hide

Please report any suspicious persons or vehicles to your local Security Provider or the SAPS immediately.

Yours in safety

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