Denel and SANParks join forces to fight Rhino poaching

The two parties signed a memorandum of understanding on November 6, which will result in Denel using its law enforcement technology to fight poaching.

At the time of signing, South Africa had lost 528 rhinos this year, 320 of them in the Kruger National Park. The number of arrests made so far in the country stand at 222, with 55 in the park.

Riaz Saloojee, Denel Group CEO, said similar technology had already been used successfully along the South African West Coast to combat abalone poaching.

“We are convinced that this technology will build the ability to detect and deter potential poachers and provide early warnings to law enforcement officials deployed on the ground,” said Saloojee.

“Though we admit that we have lost a few battles and suffered a few bloody noses, we have no intention of losing this war. We will fight until the last man or woman standing to save the nation’s heritage,” said SANParks CEO, Dr David Mabunda


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