Increase Your Sales By Maximising Sales Opportunities

A building supply dealer faced a challenge to increase sales. Together with his sales staff they brainstormed some ideas on how they can sell more.

It became apparent through discussion that a lot of clients only came to the store to buy one or two items that met their immediate need. The initial challenge then was to increase the number of items sold to a customer whilst in the store.

They listed 10 of the biggest moving items and from that determined what complementary items will fit and support the product when assembling it.

For example: If the client buys a door the items that support the door are; door locks, door lights, door mats, door handles, extra door keys, door paint, door sealer, etc.

The next challenge was how to get the sales staff to remember all the items and not appear to oversell to the client and become a nuisance.

On an A4 page attached to a clipboard they indicated all the complementary, secondary products for each big moving item. This is called CLIPBOARD selling.

Once the client picked the big moving item of their choice, the sales staff would say, “I will get the door ready for you, but while I am doing that why don’t you look over this list on the clipboard to make sure you got everything you need, because there is nothing worse than arriving home and finding out you do not have everything to finish the job.”

While away, the client reviewed the list and when the staff came back they would always ask to review the list with the client again.

Experienced salespeople often miss the add-ons because they are so focused on the main product, service or issue they are dealing with. Also they may have several other things on their mind that they may be dealing with or have to deal with. The mind can only hold seven chunks of information at one time so it is easy to forget to do the add-ons. This is why a system of some type is so important.

Let`s look at an example of add-on selling:

In an automobile dealership there could be a poster or add-on sheet or clipboard developed. When a client decides on a car the salesperson says, “Let`s review our time saver list here to make sure we put everything you need or want on the car, so you do not have to waste your time later.” On the sheet would be a list of additions and accessories. It may even be a good idea to utilize pictures and symbols as well.

  • Tow bar
  • Sun Roof
  • Floor Mats
  • Leather Seats
  • Mag Wheels
  • Insurance
  • Special Warrantee

The tools and concepts of utilising an add-on tool or process to do add-on selling is unlimited. Use your creativity. It is also a great way to improve your product knowledge.

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