Marketing Your Business Creates Customer Loyalty And Sales

“Effective marketing means looking at what you do and who your customers are. Once you have defined these two areas clearly, you then need to draw up a plan that is going to bring your business and its products to your customers. Your best friend in this regard is technology,” says Mr Le Roux. (read more)
Cost effective marketing can be as simple as:


  • Providing great service. People remember good service and will recommend your business to friends. Word-of-mouth advertising costs you nothing, but delivers results.
  • Gathering customer information by asking them if they would like to be placed on your mailing list and receive updates on new product offerings. This information then becomes a valuable data base for future sales activities.
  • Using this customer information and analysing what your customers have been buying. Then taking action by sending off an e-mail or SMS telling them what new products or services you have to offer.
  • Having a website created. A good website offers opportunities to reach a large audience and is an effective way of building a business. Making sure that potential customers are able to leave messages and requests will help build contact with customers and keep that vital database growing.
  • Use direct mail. A personalised letter that includes marketing material keeps customers in touch with what your business is doing and what you can offer.
  • Use local directories and local newspapers. By advertising in these forms of media you can build awareness about your business in surrounding neighbourhoods.

“To work, marketing must be regarded as a vital long-term commitment. The more time and effort you spend in creating ‘top of mind’ awareness about your business, the greater the rewards will be,” says Mr Le Roux.


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