3.The competition will take place over the period Feb to Nov 2012.

4.The competition will be a 4-ball alliance, 2 scores to count.

5.Only 20/4-balls will be allowed in the competition.

6.The 4-balls have to be in the name of a business, and the business has to be a member of the chamber. The players can also be clients of the business.

7.The competition will be on alternative shot-gun starts from 12:00, from 4 different tees, thus ensuring that the difference between the first and last team to complete the competition will only be 20 minutes.

8.Handicaps. All players will play from their official handicaps. If a player does not have an official handicap, men will play from 18 and ladies 24.

9.Cost. The cost per team to enter the competition is R400.00. All entries will be done at the Chamber’s office, their telephone nr 044 8743349.


10.The cost on the day of the competition will be R250 per member of the team (R1 000.00 per team), and it will include your green fees and the cart.

11.Prize Giving. There will be a prize giving directly after the competition. The winners of the prizes have to be present at the prize giving. Prizes will be for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions.

12.Attendance Lucky Draw. There will be an Attendance Lucky Draw, a minimum amount of    R1 000.00 in cash. At the presentation all players of the 4-ball team have to be there to qualify.


13.Networking. The aim of this golf competition is to network, and for that reason there has to be an opportunity to market your business, which will be as follows:

a.The sponsor of the day can brand the day with banners, as well as hand out brochures to the

b.At the prize giving the sponsor of the day has 5 minutes to put their value proposition on the table.

c.There will be 2 lucky draws from the cards that will give the opportunity to the winner of the lucky draw to put his business value proposition on the table in 60 seconds.

d.To network with the people who will be at the golf day and prize giving.


14.Competition. A monthly competition will be held. The sponsor will donate the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, and at least 1 prize for the golfer nearest to the pin. The competition scores will accumulate to the last competition, thereby to be positioned for the annual competition. The scores for the annual competition will be the 8th best score of the 10 competitions for the year.


15.Year End Competition Prizes. George Business Chamber will sponsor the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes at year end towards the annual competition.


16.Results. The results of the annual competition will be available on the website of the chamber,


17.The dates for the George Business Chamber Golf League 2012 as follows:

Round 1      –           Friday 10th February

Round 2     –           Friday 16th March

Round 3     –           Friday 13th April

Round 4     –           Friday 11th May

Round 5     –           Friday 8th June

Round 6     –           Friday 13th July

Round 7     –           Friday 17th Aug

Round 8     –           Friday 14th Sept

Round 9     –           Friday 12th Oct

Round 10   –           Friday 9th Nov

18.Golf Business League Officials. The responsible persons for the Golf Business League as follows.

a.Koos du Plessis – Vice President, George Business Chamber, 0829251711.

b.Reinhard Killian – Kingswood Golf Estate, 0861727170.

c.Ingrid Cronje – Manager, George Business Chamber, 044 874 3349

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